About Us

Simplicity in Everything We Do.

We offer unique international home décor products from around the globe.  It is our hope that you find something of interest to your store and provide products that your customers would love to have in their homes.  Our company was started with an idea to sell unique handcrafted items that are rarely seen on this side of the globe.

Lue's House Of International Decor LLC

Our Humble Beginning
It began with a dream and idea.  First a conversation with an individual with a desire to introduce something hand-crafted and of interest to the homeowner.  A meeting with someone in the know on what products might be of interested to their chain of stores.  From this idea Lue’s House was born.  Lue’s House will become a household name as more products and services are added to our cupboard!  From that original conversation a plan was born and Lue’s House of International Décor was the first product to roll out.  We believe that there are no limits to where this business will go!  Only the Lord knows!

Where we Are Now
We are working with international and local entrepreneurs and business owners to bring their products to the masses in a productive and new way of buying.  We are merging emerging markets with retailers here and abroad to offer value, handcrafted, home décor that we hope you will love to see on your end table, shelf and more importantly in your stores.  Customers and clients drive what we are all about.  We strive to introduce new products that hopefully you are interested in filling your store with.

Our Future Plans
Our humble beginning will focus on the small markets of the U. S. and then expand as more relationships are developed.  If you are here and like what you see, please share what we have to offer with others.  A year from now we hope to expand our reach to emerging markets around the globe.  It is our dream that you see value in conducting business with us and new emerging units and stores of value exchange.  These are accepted today through our merchant processing system.  This way we are setting our business up to conduct business as the customers see fit and with future methods of payments in mind.  More information will be coming soon and in the coming year we hope that the future of payments will reveal itself.  A globe shift has been forecast and in a year or two from now a transition may very well take place.  Times they are a changing and we are ready to grow as you grow starting today.

Lou Kennedy

Founder & CEO of Lue's House. I had a dream of doing something that we thought would benefit craftmakers and business owners around the world. "Visionaries can make a positive impact on us all.”

Shandra Kennedy Simmons

COO of Lue's House. Leads the team responsible for business development, public relations and customer service. "As the business grows, so does the need to ensure customer satisfaction!"

Ramona Bonner

"VP of Production at Lue's House. Responsible for ensuring quality products and services are delivered to you, our customers. "Quality done right equals returning and happy consumers for your business.”

Pam Lipton

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Jessie Olive

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Kendall Jeneuse

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