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Everything Is Solar Solar Panel 300w 200w 100w 400w 18V 24V Flexible Solar Panel For 12V Battery Charger Monocrystalline Cell 1000w Home System Kit

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Everything Is Solar Solar Panel 300w 200w 100w 400w 18V 24V Flexible Solar Panel For 12V Battery Charger Monocrystalline Cell 1000w Home System Kit


Everything Is Solar™

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The Plastic Cover on Solar cell is not for use, it is to

protect the solar cell while transportation, so when you use the solar panel, please remove it!!!


Shipping Information

For Europe Client: Ship from Spain or Czech or German Warehouse, Including VAT TAX, 5-7 days arrival via DHL or Correos.
For USA Client: Ship from USA Warehouse, Including VAT TAX, 5-7 days arrival via FEDEX.
For Russia: Ship from Moscow Warehouse, Including VAT TAX, Fast arrival via Russia Post.
More Oversea Warehouse will open later.
For Spain Island and France Island, there may be extra remote freight cost, so if there were remote cost, then we will contact with buyer.
For USA Client: there are remote area as well, so if your area belongs to remote area, we will contact with you as well.
Technician Specification
Length1050mmWeight1.7 kg
Width540 mmMain material*Mono crystalline
Height2.5 mmFrame materialEVA+PET OR ETFE+EVA+TPT

Electrical Specification

Performance Under Standard Test Conditions(STC*)
Maximum powerPmax100 Wp
Open circuit voltageVoc20 V
Maximum power point voltageVmpp18.02 V
Short-circuit currentI sc5.95 A
Maximum power point currentI mpp5.55 A

Minor reduction in efficiency under partial load conditions at 25degC: at 100 W/m2, 95%- (+/-3%) of the STC efficiency (1000 W/m2) is achieved.

Component Material
Cells per module32Cell dimensions125mm*125mm
Cell typeMonocrystalline SiliconFrontETFE+EVA +TPT or EVA+TPT
System Intergration Technician
Maximum system voltage SC II1000 VMaximum reverse current10 A
Maximum system voltage USA NEC600 VIncreased snowload acc. to IEC 612155.4 kN/msup2;
Thermak Characteristics
NOCT47 degCTC Voc-0.33 %/degC
TC Isc0.042 %/degCTC Pmpp-0.45 %/degC
Extra Specification
PTC rating100 WModule efficiency21.0%
Junction boxIP67Plus-Sorting*Pflash ge Pmax
Connectormale and femalePower tolerance*+/- 3 %

PET Flexible Solar Panel 100w

ETFE Flexible Solar Panel

Products Detail

1.Mono solar cell

1) Efficient PV conversion, stable performance
2)Unique etching process can increase the short-circuit current of the solar cell
3)Advanced PECVD technology provides well-proportioned navy blue silicon nitride anti-reflection velum
4)Screen printing patterns are accurate and smoothness of the electrode is improved thus making the cell easier for welding and laser cutting

2.Front Cover ETFE FILM

1)Increase conversion efficiency by 5%
2)Enhanced surface abrasion resistance
3)High anti-fouling
4) Easy to clean

3.Backsheet TPT

The back sheet of the module is a key package material applied to the module and is mainly composed of a weather-resistant fluorine material and a PET with excellent electrical insulation properties. The service life of such products is generally designed over 25 years, and the back film is the key to ensure such a long life. The solar module back film is located on the outer layer of the module, and the solar panel back film should have high electrical insulation, high weather resistance, high adhesiveness, and low water vapor transmission rate.

4.Junction box

1)With excellent resistance to high and low temperature, fire, aging and UV resistance, it can meet the long-term use requirements under harsh outdoor environmental conditions.
2) Excellent waterproof and dustproof effect, sealed by pouring glue.
3)Compact size, compact and practical structure, suitable for thin film photovoltaic modules, widely used.
4)The connection of the bus bar and the cable are respectively welded and crimped, and the electrical performance is safe and reliable.

5. Connector

1)Highly robustness, UV-Resistance
2)Connector adopts touch and insertion of reed with inner-knob type
3)Auto-lock equipment of male and female points enable connection more easy and reliable
4)Popular figure suits most of field installation
5)Accommodates PV cable with deferent insulation diameters
6)The maximal working current will be changed when fixed with different types of diode

Production Line

Standard Automatic Production Line

At HETECH Solar, we scour the globe in search of the most suprior materials the industry has to offer. Combined with our near fully automated manufacturing system, we offer consistently high power modules that will last a lifetime. Each material has been carefully tested to meet our best in class standards.

1.Solar cell test

New technology and most superior materials offered. combined with our automated and semi-automated manufacturing and testing system, make sure Solar cell modules high efficiency.


String creation by interconnecting the single photovoltaic cells, then interconnection of the strings in order to create an electrical circuit.